What Is Auto Detailing?

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The car’s exterior is exposed to so many elements. Whether it is cold or it is a humid climate, you will see the car’s appearance degenerate in time. For people who love cars, this is the last thing that they want to happen mobile auto detailing near me. Cars can depreciate in value fast. Aside from the wear and tear of your car’s engine, you also need to consider the exterior damages that happen to the car. What most car owners need to do in order to minimize such inevitable event is to stick with the car detailing strategies. So what is auto or car detailing?

Exterior detailing involves cleaning of the car’s exterior. Basically, the goal of this cleaning method is to provide a show quality aesthetics to the car. It involves waxing of the car and also manual removal of dirt and visible debris on the car. This simply means that the car’s wheels, tires, and rims will all be fine tuned as back to its former shine and gloss. The goal is to make the car look brand new again.

There are different techniques used on how to make the car look new again. There are those car detailing experts who make use of degreasers and detergents in order to clean the car manually. Also, different companies use polishes and detail clays to reverse the aging process on their client’s automobile.

Steps Involved in Exterior Detailing


In this step, this is where the foreign particles in the surface of the vehicle is removed manually. Through the use of water and detergents free from acid to claying, these are some of the things that companies do to get rid of all the dirt in your car. Clay bars remove the dirt that deeply embedded in the car without destroying the surface of the paint. For instance, insects, tar and sap can all be removed using this method.


Once the dirt has been removed from the exterior of the car, it is now time to correct the shade of your car’s paint. Using pneumatic machine polishes, the spinning action with polishing pads remove microns and fine scratches. The imperfections in your car are removed including oxidations and those damages that can be rooted from bad washing practices.

Protecting Exterior

The last step involved in car detailing is, in fact, protecting the car from foreign contaminants. Paint is reactive to the elements from the pollutants to the climate. In order to maintain the color, the surface will be applied with a protective wax. The wax can come in liquid or a paste form. Also, there will be a sealant that will help stop contaminants from embedding into the paint job and into the windows and wheels.

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